private and group lessons in pronunciation, listening, and writing skills.


* Tutoring is done in downtown Berkeley on the Cal campus at a cafe or in a library--U. C. Berkeley and Berkeley Public Libraries are available.

* I offer private, one on one lessons, although group rates are available.

* I work very intensively on the proper pronunciation of the 44 main sounds of the English Language. I give detailed but easy to understand descriptions of how the sounds are made. I have designed handouts with diagrams explain the basic parts of the mouth, and how English sounds are made by moving the tongue, lips, jaw, etc.

* I teach proper intonation, rhythm, and stress as well as word grouping. In spoken English you've probably noticed how some words have very short pauses or no pauses between them.

* I will provide handouts, web links, and other resources to help you with everything described above as well as with slang, informal, and colloquial speech.

* I will make written and recorded study material available to you in the form of PDF (acrobat) text documents and MP3 files (audio files for Ipods, MP3 players, computers, etc.) so you can practice at home, on the bus, etc. When listening to these files at home, I encourage you to record yourself with a tape or voice recorder, so you can check yourself against the MP3 files


* I encourage you to bring a tape recorder to class so you can record my voice for practice at home. Some of my grad students and PhDs have me help them with their preparations for oral presentations and speeches. First we sit down together and correct the vocabulary and grammar. Next we go over the pronunciation of difficult words. I recommend that you record my pronunciation of these words for future practice. Finally, I record the whole presentation for my clients so they can take it home and practice pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, stress, etc.


* I can help you understand written English, including the news, novels, magazines, professional and legal documents, etc.

* I taught writing at U. C. Berkeley for five years and am a good writer and teacher. I can teach you how to write proper English prose and edit your papers, business letters, etc., so your written English says what you mean. As noted above, I can make recordings of you oral presentations so that you can practice them later.


* Americans are strange people with many unusual habits. I can help you to understand cultural differences. This includes explanations of American behaviors, manners, slang, politics, and cultural, artistic, and religious views.


As an undergraduate, I studied Greek, Latin, Old English, Middle English and German and received a degree in Classics Summa cum Laude. I earned a PhD in Comparative Literature at U. C. Berkeley, and I taught English there for 5 years as a GSI (Graduate Student Instructor.) I was awarded the university’s Outstanding GSI Award, and on the strength of my teaching, I was an adjunct professor there for three years after receiving my PhD. As an adjunct professor, I taught writing, literature, philosophy, mythology, Greek drama, and Latin in the Departments of Rhetoric, Comparative Literature, and Classics.

I have also taught at an ESL school in downtown Berkeley and served as an English and writing tutor to students of all levels, from junior and senior high school, through undergraduate and graduate students, to professionals including businesspeople, lawyers, psychologists, engineers, physicists, PhDs, and visiting Cal professors.

I have worked as a professional editor, speaking and presentation coach, copywriter, grant writer, web site content provider, and general manager for a dot-com specializing in literacy issues. Additionally, I worked for Educational Testing Services (ETS) for seven years scoring GMAT, TOEFL, and GRE essays and in test development.