Psychology Professor --Editing

John is prompt, accurate, thorough, and reasonable. He understands special requests and grasps the substance of the material he is editing. He does precisely what is asked and what is needed, making him a delight to work with. I’ll continue to use him for my professional editing.

Terence Patterson, EdD, ABPP,Board Certified in Couple and Family Psychology, Licensed Psychologist & Professor. University of San Francisco, Department of Counseling Psychology.

PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering --ESL, Exam Prep, & Editing

I'm a graduate student in EECS at UC Berkeley. I've worked with John for about 2 years, and I got great help from him, both as an ESL teacher and as an editor.  He helped me edit two journal papers and several conference presentations on which he also helped me as a speech coach.

  Additionally, we spent many hours preparing for my oral preliminary test. Without his help, I wouldn't have passed my preliminary test. He is really good at editing professional and academic papers and teaching ESL. He is also a very kind person.

If you hire John, it will be a great help for you.

 Ken , Doctoral Candidate in EECS (Electrical Engineering). U. C. Berkeley

Personal Statement for Business School

John's command of the English language is top notch. His clarity in providing feedback helped me crystallized my thoughts more effectively. John is pleasant to work with, very knowledgeable and a wonderful professional.

MBA student at a top 5 B-School.

Editing, Speech Writing, Web Content Provision

I know John through the International Institute of Bengal Basin (IIBB), a Berkeley-based non-profit institution, where we both served as volunteers.  I am very pleased with the quality of John’s editing of the articles/write-ups that I wrote for the Institute.  What I love about him is that he can quickly grasp the concept of the articles, speeches, and letters to attorneys, public officials, and others we asked him to either edit or write. Het gets the message out in a very clear manner.  He also provided content and editing for our website, which he set up for us. You can trust John to deliver a judicious and excellent work for your time and money’s worth.  His services is first-class!

Examples of his work can be found at our website,

Rosalie Say, Executive Director of the IIBB

Editing for an Economist

John edited letters and papers for me that included very technical writings on financial accounting. He was able to understand my ideas and structure the different facets of my thought into a clean, direct expository flow. I appreciated the work he did for me last year, and recently, after struggling with my writing on my own, I found myself rediscovering and reapplying what he had previously done. He brings a perspective to organization and writing that is different, yet very effective – a classic perspective which I appreciate.

Joel Jameson, President

Silicon Economics

Doctoral Student in Management --Accent Reduction

I am a doctoral student in Management at INSEAD in France. Because John is a PhD who has worked with academics for many years, he truly understands the need of academics. I have been working on accent reduction, and he is able to offer highly customized tutorship that addresses my very particular needs. In addition, he quickly grasps the specialized materials in my research area which I bring to the lessons, and few other language instructors can do this. I highly recommend John to any academic who is seeking help with ESL or accent reduction.

Kaifu Zhang, C.Phil, INSEAD, France.

Mother of High School Sophomore

John has helped my High School son in both English and History for two years now, first as a freshman and now as a sophomore. He is a very knowledgeable and inspiring person. After the class, if he finds good material for the topic he has been discussing, he does not hesitate to email it. He is very pleasant to work with.

I highly recommend him.

Berkeley, California

Attorney and Law School Professor --Editing

I was in the doctoral program at the Boalt Hall law school at U. C. Berkeley from which I received my Doctor of the Science of Jurisprudence, or JSD, degree in 2009. I am very happy to recommend Mr. John Paulin as an editor for your paper or dissertation. In the summer of 2009, he helped edit my doctoral thesis. He is very punctual and professional. When you get your papers or theses edited, Mr. John Paulin will sit down with you and work side by side with you. When your sentences or paragraphs are unclear or have bad style, Mr. John Paulin is going to fix them as you wish.  Mr. John Paulin, is very knowledgeable about English writing, and he is the best. You can count on him when you write papers that are very important for your future. Thank you very much.

Chan, Senior Manager in Legal Affairs Dept., Korea Development Bank and Lecturer at the Graduate School of Law, Korea University

 PhD in Health Services & Policy Analysis --Editing

 John assisted me in the editing of a doctoral thesis in the department of Health Services & Policy Analysis, at U. C. Berkeley. He is extremely versatile and can improve prose at all levels. He  helps you get your ideas across more concisely and makes your writing more effective.

 PhD in Health Services & Policy Analysis, U.C. Berkeley

Personal Statement for Medical School

Dr. John Paulin is an excellent editor. My personal statement for medical school is essential for my evaluation and admission, and there was no one that I could trust more to edit this essay than Dr. Paulin. During the editing process, he was able to understand and capture what I was trying to communicate and helped me express my thoughts and ideas effectively in the written language. With his assistance, my essay evolved into one that that has far surpassed my expectations and intentions. He’s friendly, professional and dependable. Additionally, he’s an excellent writer and knowledgeable about the root and meaning of words, which allows him to communicate effectively.

Lorelie, U.C. Berkeley Grad

Application to Medical School


John helped me with my applications to medical school. I highly recommend him as an English tutor and editor. He is very knowledgeable about English.  His ability to restructure sentences and paragraphs and syntax correction was especially helpful. He is very skillful on revising letters and essays. 

U.C. Berkeley Grad

Japanese Business Professor -- ESL and Editing

I would like to recommend John Paulin. I am a visiting scholar at U. C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a Professor of Management from a Japanese university. Over the past several months, I have been seeing John between four and six hours per week for instruction in ESL and accent reduction as well as for the editing of journal articles. I especially appreciate John’s thoroughness and his patience as he corrects my pronunciation as often as is required until I have achieved mastery. 

I have found his approach to instruction including his explanations and his techniques to be better than the books and DVDs I have bought for this purpose, especially when it comes to stress, pitch, intonation, and timing. I have also benefited much from his instruction on making and distinguishing English L and R sounds as well as many vowels and diphthongs.  

  I am also impressed by the quality and effectiveness of the instructional materials he has created and assembled for teaching ESL.  Thanks to John’s instructions, I have gone beyond the elementary level, and others including my colleagues at Haas now understand me much better than when I arrived.  As a scholar, I also appreciate John’s understanding of the English language and the history of its words, and as a visitor from another country I value his detailed explanations of American culture, history, and politics.

I am impressed with John’s editing of an article I wrote for an academic journal.  He is able to understand and express detailed financial concepts and express them in excellent English prose that communicates exactly what I want to say. When I return to Japan, I will continue to work with John over the internet.

Business Professor. Visiting scholar at Haas School of Business.

Attorney --ESL

 I am a Japanese attorney,  and during my recent stay in the Bay Area, I decided to brush up my English language skills, particularly with regard to listening and speaking

   John is a very kind and patient, teacher,  and of course he is very professional  and highly skilled in teaching English to people whose native language is not English. Additionally, he schedules his lessons to fit his students' requirements as much as is  possible.  You can surely benefit a lot from his lessons!

 Masa, Attorney, Japan.




As an undergraduate, I studied Greek, Latin, Old English, Middle English and German and received a degree in Classics Summa cum Laude. I earned a PhD in Comparative Literature at U. C. Berkeley, and I taught English there for 5 years as a GSI (Graduate Student Instructor.) I was awarded the university’s Outstanding GSI Award, and on the strength of my teaching, I was an adjunct professor there for three years after receiving my PhD. As an adjunct professor, I taught writing, literature, philosophy, mythology, Greek drama, and Latin in the Departments of Rhetoric, Comparative Literature, and Classics.

I have also taught at an ESL school in downtown Berkeley and served as an English and writing tutor to students of all levels, from junior and senior high school, through undergraduate and graduate students, to professionals including businesspeople, lawyers, psychologists, engineers, physicists, PhDs, and visiting Cal professors.

I have worked as a professional editor, speaking and presentation coach, copywriter, grant writer, web site content provider, and general manager for a dot-com specializing in literacy issues. Additionally, I worked for Educational Testing Services (ETS) for seven years scoring GMAT, TOEFL, and GRE essays and in test development.