I taught college writing (English composition and world literature) at U. C. Berkeley for five years and am a good writer and teacher. I can teach you the basics of English grammar, syntax, and word choice, and I can help you to organize your thoughts and to write clear, coherent prose. I have helped teenagers write their English papers and undergraduates, grad students, and professionals in many different disciplines with many different kinds of documents including journal articles, letters, seminar papers and doctoral theses. I have also given accent reduction lessons and editorial assistance to a variety of professionals including businesspeople, lawyers, bankers, psychologists, engineers, physicists, PhDs, and visiting Cal professors.


I can help you understand written English, including newspapers, magazines, novels, and professional and legal documents. I can also help you thoroughly understand, analyze, and write essays about this literature. Whether you are pre-college, a college student, or a grad student working on your doctoral dissertation, I can help.


I will edit your papers, business letters, personal letters, etc. so that your written English says what you mean.


As an undergraduate, I studied Greek, Latin, Old English, Middle English and German and received a degree in Classics Summa cum Laude. I earned a PhD in Comparative Literature at U. C. Berkeley, and I taught English there for 5 years as a GSI (Graduate Student Instructor.) I was awarded the university’s Outstanding GSI Award, and on the strength of my teaching, I was an adjunct professor there for three years after receiving my PhD. As an adjunct professor, I taught writing, literature, philosophy, mythology, Greek drama, and Latin in the Departments of Rhetoric, Comparative Literature, and Classics.

I have also taught at an ESL school in downtown Berkeley and served as an English and writing tutor to students of all levels, from junior and senior high school, through undergraduate and graduate students, to professionals including businesspeople, lawyers, psychologists, engineers, physicists, PhDs, and visiting Cal professors.

I have worked as a professional editor, speaking and presentation coach, copywriter, grant writer, web site content provider, and general manager for a dot-com specializing in literacy issues. Additionally, I worked for Educational Testing Services (ETS) for seven years scoring GMAT, TOEFL, and GRE essays and in test development.